Using Your Roots to Stay Grounded

Using Your Roots to Stay Grounded

Most of my posts have been about the Earth and how to gain from her. From Webster’s dictionary, the word “grounded” means: mentally and emotionally stable, or admirably sensible, realistic, and unpretentious. Someone who is grounded is someone who remains the same, sensible person even when life becomes chaotic.

The Earth is ever changing, yet to us, it remains the same, unless you look at the progression through time. Little will change in our lifetime, but our descendants in a thousand years will see a completely different place. It is good to stay grounded and to be aware of your surroundings and to be kind to the Mother who gives so much.

As a kitchen witch, most of the elements I use are from the Earth, given by the Mother. Flowers, essential oils, herbs, incense, spices, tree bark, etc., are all important to achieving spells, potions and elixirs. Even cast iron cauldrons are natural, yet man made and essential to a kitchen witch.

There are other elements that may undermine your grounding and those are: air, fire and water. In certain circumstances, they bring good, but if there are extenuating circumstances surrounding you, these other elements can cause chaos and wreck your inner peace.

Air – Air brings communication, thoughtfulness and planning. If there is confusion and disarray charging the air, it will cause you plot against others if you are set upon negatively. Try to calm yourself and remember to recognize that revenge using magic can be harmful to you. You may notice it right away, or you may not notice at first, but eventually it will happen and oftentimes in a big way.

Fire – Fire brings mobility, a need for action, want, and mindful willingness. Stressful situations can bring about hasty decisions if you increase your Fire energy. If using Fire based magic while you are stressfully charged, you open yourself to frenzy. Watch for moments of rage and a need for confrontation.

Water – This element opens you up to emotions, awareness of feelings, and communication with Spirits. Be careful not to use spells of Water when you are feeling lowly, as they can leave you feeling much more sad than you were when you began the spell.

How can you plant yourself – or stay rooted in the Earth with all the clutter and demands on you in the world? One way is to exchange the negatively charged elements for the life spirit of the Earth. The Mother will accept these elements and in turn, releases her calming, stable elements back to you.

The Practice

  • Placing bare palms or heels on the Earth, push the energies from your body. Close your eyes and see them flow back into the Earth while you pull the good elements up to mineralize your body. Your palms and heels become your ‘roots”.
  • If you’re inside, extend your “roots” through the carpet or floor, down through boards or concrete to the Earth below. See the roots with your minds eye, shooting out until they reach the Earth. If you are in a building with several stories, you should see the roots extend through all the layers, floor by floor until they reach their destination. Concentration is key, so try to relax and don’t break your eye contact with the roots.
  • Once your roots have reached the Earth, feel them burrowing deep within the soil. Feel them sliding through the Earth until they reach the bedrock. You will feel the resistance, but keep digging deeper and deeper still, through the solidity of the rock.
  • Lock your roots into the bedrock. Watch them branch out and burrow into the thickness.
  • Remember to breathe calmly, but with each exhale, push the excess elements of stress, lowliness and calamity and all other forms of negativity out of your body.
  • After the bad elements have been released, you will feel the calm and nourishment your body needs. Slowly begin to pull up your roots, through every layer until they are back, nestled in your body. If you stand up too quickly, before the roots have retracted, you may feel a popping of the spirit and may be sore for a while, even days.

For this practice to work, you may need to use this ritual daily to rid yourself of daily stresses and negativity.

Mother Earth is there for you and will gladly replenish your spirit, absorbing and neutralizing all negative facets of daily living. Feel free to reach to her for these times.

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