Using Mayan Spirits to See Your Love

It was impressed upon me at a very young age that I should have a mate. Not that I should begin dating at an early age, but that someday I should have someone to love and take care of my needs. It may sound odd, since I grew up after the women’s lib movement, but it is human nature to pair up with someone you love.

My mother was raised by her Irish grandmother, so she grew up with old world traditions and notions of being an old maid, etc. Going to college wasn’t a priority for anyone in my family, but finding a mate and raising a family was. It was a matter of passing on the family name and creating legacy.

I don’t believe that love and finding a mate is really an old fashioned notion at all, like I said, it’s human nature. In the society in which we live today, it seems very difficult to find a compatible mate and sometimes going through the dating cycle can seem daunting. People turn to psychics to find out how their lives will play out and as to whether they will find true love or have children. In this passage I’ll give you a spell to see your lover.

The Mayans were very in tuned with the spirit world and often asked for visions to see the future. All spirits can speak to us, revealing our most desired wishes. It is imperative to pay much attention and concentrate on the words that are spoken and to offer up spiritual food as a sacrifice.

An obsidian orb, the “stone of light” must be used in this practice to help with communication to the spirit world. The food of sacrifice is maize gruel – or the food of life – mixed with a sacred liquid – or spring water.

Items needed:

  • Maize flour
  • Spring water
  • Obsidian orb
  • Small bowl
  • Three (3) blue candles

The Practice

Make a mixture of gruel from the maize flour and spring water. You’ll need to warm the mixture lightly until it begins to thicken. Once it is thickened, place the obsidian orb into the mixture using only your hands until it is nicely coated.

Place the gruel coated obsidian orb into a small bowl and pour the spring water into the bowl until it just covers the orb. When that is finished, wash your hands with the remaining spring water.

Light the blue candles and place the on one side of the bowl and place yourself in a seated position on the opposite side in which you placed the candles. Make sure you are facing the bowl and the candles.

While you concentrate on the candles, begin speaking what your heart desires in a soft, sing song voice to enchant the spirits. Focusing on the words you are calling out, you may now lower your gaze from the candles to the obsidian orb. Focus on the orb, making your words become part of it. The words shall be transferred to the orb.

You will now begin to see your love while you are chanting your lovely wishes and looking into the orb. You may have to repeat this practice a few times in order to truly see what is meant for you.

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About the Author:

As a child, the constellation Ursa Minor appeared prominently on my arm strewn in my many fair skin freckles, and my mother knew that the magic of my Irish lineage had been passed to me. The psychic abilities were passed down from authentic gypsies and magical practices passed down from my Egyptian ancestors.

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