Replenish Your Spirit with a Watering Bowl

Oh how I love water! The ever refreshing sound of a babbling brook or fountain. Have you ever stopped at the edge of trickling water and just listened to it speak to you?  The salty spray of an endless ocean. Have you stood at the mouth of an all encompassing body of water, watching the waves crash to shore, knowing they have been traveling miles and miles to get to that point? The blue, crystal clear promise of a pool of any kind. Have you ever just floated on your back while the quenching fingers lap over your skin, keeping you suspended like magic?

Just like a long drink of cool water on a hot, sunny day, water has the innate ability to replenish your spirit and keep you moving.

What if you could take a bowl of water with you anywhere? What if any time your spirit is feeling low, you could bring it out and refill it? Just imagine your soul opening up to receive just the nutrients it needs to survive.

All you need to do is use your mind’s eye to see your very own watering bowl. You control the sights and sounds yourself and no one else can take it from you or deprive you of your life essence.

To hold your watering bowl, entwine your fingers and bring your elbows tightly to your sides – this will become the bowl. Your elbows should rest on your hip bones and your bowl (upturned, entwined hands) should be just above or level to your navel. It may be much easier to do this while you are seated. Be sure to sit straight as leaning in any direction other than straight can have negative affects.

Now you can visualize your own energy, or Water, flowing into the bowl. Imagine the Water flowing and reabsorbing back into your essence. Feel the stresses of your daily life flowing out into the bowl and purifying as it recirculates back into your body.cleansing watering bowl

Please don’t take this practice lightly, as you may have very negative results if you’re not careful. Read the instructions carefully until you understand them before you begin practicing.
– The Water energy should always be bright blue for this practice. Dark blue or black will have a negative affect. It’s good to have something bright blue nearby for reference as you concentrate on the right color.
Keep the bowl at level or just above your navel. Sitting in a chair is ideal for this practice. High or low bowls will affect you in very different ways. Standing or sitting while practicing will only have an affect on your upper body – level with your arms. If you are bent over or the bowl is below the navel, it can affect your intestines, kidneys or bladder. Below the waist will flush your bowels of water and you may have to use the restroom often.
– When you are finished, be sure to reabsorb all of the Water back into your body. If not, you will have a loss of Water and your energy level will decrease. You may also suffer dehydration and possibly have loose bowels. By remaining seated and straight, you keep your level bowl from tipping or sloshing.
To flow your Water, imagine in your mind’s eye that you have a river bed that extends from your heart to a spout. The water should pour out of the spout and into the bowl. Be sure to keep your attention on the blue reference, so your water is the proper color. Imagine the water flowing calmly and serenely into the left side of the bowl.
– You can imagine that your water is flowing out of a stream or a fountain. Anything that will aid in the calming of your spirit. See your bowl fill up from the source you’ve created – the bottom should be fairly deep and the water will appear a brilliant, bright blue. Feel the cool water in bowl on your fingertips. Feel the weight of the water as puts pressure on your hands while you hold your bowl.
– Reabsorb the water from the bowl through your hands and up through your arms. The water will smooth away any roughness of the bowl. As the water begins to drain, imagine it flowing back through he spout – such as a fountain, whose water is always recycling. Now you see a continuous flow of water, up your arms and down the spout, simultaneously.
– Dark colored alligators are unhealthy – just leave them alone. If they are not dark, but healthy and you don’t want them there, just blow them over the edge of the bowl.
If you feel a roughness in the water, like a churning of chaos beneath the surface, keep flowing your water through the spout until it is smooth and calm. The roughness denotes the stresses in your life that you must dispel by flowing the water. Don’t focus on the reason for the stresses, just focus on the water flowing down a hillside or down into a refreshing pool of sweet, pure, blue water.
Keep flowing and absorbing the water until one of the following happens:
1. The water is flowing smoothly over the water bowl. Should only take about 5 minutes or so.
2. The flow of water through the spout stops on it’s own accord. If it stops, you may feel a final chugging feeling of water dropping from the spout. Do not worry if this happens and don’t try to restart the water as it may cause a downpour of overwhelming anxiety, anger or grief.
3. The water bowl has smoothed out and you no longer need to keep flowing the water – or the water has just stopped flowing for other reasons – begin to pull the water back into the reservoir at your heart. Be sure to reabsorb all of the blue water until your bowl is completely dried. If you fail to reabsorb the water, you will feel emotionally drained and possibly dehydrated.

Once the Water is all back in your body, you will feel refreshed as if you had actually taken a drink of that ever quenching, life source itself. Feel the coolness of the blue Water moving throughout your body, soothing and replenishing your life essence.

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As a child, the constellation Ursa Minor appeared prominently on my arm strewn in my many fair skin freckles, and my mother knew that the magic of my Irish lineage had been passed to me. The psychic abilities were passed down from authentic gypsies and magical practices passed down from my Egyptian ancestors.

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