The Spell to Increase Your Psychic Powers

Obviously you must first have psychic power before you can increase your psychic powers. If you need to awaken your psychic powers, see the appropriate artcle. Now increasing your psychic powers is easier for some people than it is for others. Like it is with many other things, it once again comes down to talent and practice. People with more psychic talent will naturally find it easier to use their powers, and the more they use them, the stronger they become. When you are already good at something – like playing an instrument – then doing that particular thing becomes more fun, practising becomes easier, and you won’t feel like giving up as long as you don’t have trouble making progress. We call this the conundrum of reaching critical mass.  When it’s already difficult in the first place and you feel like nothing you do has any effect at all, then this will affect your motivation and getting better will become even harder. However, practise really is the key. If you want to increase your psychic powers, you must practise a lot. There is no spell to simply turn up you powers to eleven so to speak, but there are ways to make the process of practising easier and more effective.


This is a spell that will help you concentrate and focus your thoughts. Find a place where you are comfortable and perform this spell right before you want to practise using your psychic abilities. You will need the following things:

What you need

  • Eleven reed-stems
  • A sheet of paper
  • Ink (paint will also work if you don’t have any ink)


This is what you need to do:

  • Dip one end of every reed-stem in ink.
  • Use one of the reed-stems to write your full name on the sheet of paper.
  • Sit down on the ground; make sure there are no objects directly behind you.
  • Place the sheet of paper with your name in front of you, place three reed-stems to your right and eight reed-stems to your left.
  • Close your eyes and sit still for a while; try to concentrate.
  • Once you feel ready, stand up and say: “I know the world in myself. I ascend from the earth into the sky and again descend from the sky to the earth. I receive the power and efficacy of things above and below”.
  • Turn to your right and say: “I am the three times great”.
  • Turn to your left and say: “I am the eight times great”.
  • Roll both the three reed-stems and the eight reed-stems into the sheet of paper with your name, but do this in such a way that the two bundles stay apart from each other. Keep the paper with reed stems with you as long as you need to focus (it’s ok to throw it away later).


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