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Stress Relief Bag

Intuition is an inborn natural ability to see things coming. Psychics and some witches are born with it, but sometimes intuitive powers can be learned and developed. There are ways in which you can strengthen your intuition, there are also things, such as stress, other spell masters, lack of focus, etc., that tend to block us from seeing things from coming and that may add stress to your life.

I have an autoimmune disorder which has wreaked havoc in my life, both physically and emotionally. After a several years of testing, the doctors labeled it idiopathic – without reason. Later, I came to realize that stress was a major factor. Not only did I have flareups from physical stress, I also realized they were onset from emotional stress. Oftentimes, I didn’t even recognize the emotional stress and glossed it over to avoid confrontations.

Over the years, I’ve learned how to deal with it in a natural, holistic way. While I realize that sometimes prescribed medicine may be medically necessary, by being in the right frame of mind can mean all the difference. Taking time out for myself, being honest about the situation and taking care of my body is what has helped me. Being close to the earth and taking peace in the beauty and serenity can be very calming.

There are several items you can use for calming, but I’ve found that borage has a great affect on the nervous system. It’s a well known herb in Europe and can be found growing wild. People in some countries used to put it on their food. I recommend growing it in a kitchen garden and keeping it close at hand for those days when you need an extra calm in which to surround yourself.

One of my favorite ways to use borage deal with stress is by using a bag to catch it. These little bags are simple to make and should be carried with you always. You can use the same bag or make several to keep close at hand. Keep one at home, one in your car and one at work.

What you will need:

To start, cut the cloth large enough to fit both hands inside. Stitch up the edges, (it’s important to do this yourself as it adds a piece of yourself to the bag). You can add your initials to the outside and then add a decorative string or ribbon to close it.

On a warm, sunny day, collect a little bit of earth to place inside, along with the borage flower. When you’re feeling the stresses of life, reach inside the bag with both hands and touch the earth and borage flower. Reflect on happy memories that you’d like to store up inside this special bag, a so called happy place, if you will.

Take care of yourself, it’s not a bad thing to think about your own welfare sometimes.

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