Spell to Strengthen Psychic Abilities

Potion Components:

  • Glass pitcher of ice water with glass (wine glass, chalice, etc.)
  • Potpourri burner or ashtray
  • Lighter or matches
  • Organic hemp wick
  • Soft pillow
  • Plush purple blanket
  • Purple silk pillow case
  • 1 oz. liquid anise extract
  • 1-2 oz. dried star anise pods
  • 1 oz. crushed dried bay leaves
  • Small chunk of dried cedar
  • 1 oz. dried mint
  • Mortar and pestle
  • Chant card (optional)
  • 1 small table
  • 7 tall purple pillar candles


Chant or Prayer:

I am one,

I am all,

I feel the universe run,

I take it in with all my gall,

I smell the sun,

I hear the call,

I taste the Earth’s fun,

I yearn for the Goddess’ sprawl,

I am not done.


Spell Casting:

Let me get this out of the way, some of you may think ‘Duh” but you would be surprised. If you have not yet awakened your psychic abilities, you should first do so. Psychic abilities are first needed before you can stregthen them. :)

To begin your spell, find a comfortable indoor spot. More important than the time of day or night, you should choose a time when you feel peaceful and receptive. Rather than using an altar, I suggest just using a simple small table. All you will use it for is setting candles and should represent a clean blank space for the fire to emerge from. Hence, there should be minimal emotional attachment to said table.

For all facets of this spell, purple is the best color utilize. No matter the shade, purple should be included in ever manner possible. Purple is the ultimate personification of ambition and power. Gaining psychic ability is incredibly ambitious and the color purple will aid in exemplifying your powerful abilities. Set your 7 pillar candles on the stand, evenly spaced. Each candle should be the same height; as tall as possible, at that. Set your lighter/matches and hemp wick off to the left side. Do not light the candles at this point.

Lie your most cozy purple blanket in front of the table (so that you can lie on the blanket facing the candles later). Drip 7 drops of anise extract on the pillow before placing inside your silk purple case. Set at the head of your blanket with the anise infused side of the pillow facing downward. Anise is a potent herb with amazing psychic properties. By using anise extract you will raise your vibrations to the optimum level for enhanced psychic visions.

Set out your dried herbs, mortar and pestle, water, and chant card to the right of your blanket; easily accessible. Your chant card should have the above chant written on it in the case that you are unable to memorize it. As long as you mean what you’re saying, it won’t matter if you’re reading the chant or reciting from memory.

Light your hemp wick with your lighter/matches to emblazon each candle. Using your mortar and pestle, crush your dried star anise pods, dried bay leaves, dried cedar, and dried mint together. Combine this mixture into your ashtray/potpourri burner. Using your hemp wick, light the herb mixture, burning their essences together.

While the herbs are burning away, in your mind repeat the chant 7 times. During your inner chant you should be breathing in the herbal mixture without ever hurting or burning your lungs.

The star anise pods raise psychic abilities, balance focus, and enable astral dreams and travel. The liquid anise under your pillow is specifically positioned to fight away nightmares and negative energy once you lie down. Bay leaves induce visions, stave away harmful entities, and protect you through your journey. Dried cedar offers psychic, protective, and third-eye capabilities. Cedar helps to keep psychic channels open while protecting you, simultaneously. Mint helps you in absorbing your new knowledge.

Once this mixture is burned out, lie on your back for your meditation. Make your intentions open and clear to the universe. The anise extract, fire, meditation, and peace will guide the rest of your journey.

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