Spell to Repel Psychic Vampires

Welcome back my starlings! I am overjoyed that you have returned to my Sanctuary of serenity and well-being. If you had not read my previous article on the Love Spell, I am Ruford the Enchanted. I have been informed by Mother Universe that my family’s lineage of Magic has come to an end. As a result, I have decided to share my vast knowledge of nature and reveal some secrets I have acquired.

Today we will be approaching a paramount topic. Repelling Psychic Vampires. I am sure most of my readers have read countless depictions of the Night Walkers. While some are closer to the truth, most accounts are quite fictional. The Night Walkers, or Vampires as the population has coined them, are a very puzzling species. There is so little known about them that is actual fact, that finding the authentic truth is quite taxing.

Vampires have been around for many centuries. While their origin is widely speculated, it is still unknown. The earliest record of their appearance was in the late 16th Century. A local Shaman, known as a Dukun, in a small village in Indonesia had been drained of half of his body’s blood supply. There were no lacerations on his body, apart from two small point marks on the left side of his neck. It was believed to be the work of angry spirits and vengeful Gods, until more accounts of bodies drained of blood popped up. People then realised that surely, the Gods could not be angry at that many people.

Throughout my travels and encounters with countless Night Walkers, I have discovered that rather than just one, there are two species of Vampires. The first and most popular group is the Common Night Walker. Pale skin, blood shot eyes and unearthly beauty. They feast on the blood of humans and animals in order to survive. While most are content to drink their fill, some kill for sport or for the added pleasure.

The second group are the subject of this article; Psychic Night Walkers. While their origin is not well known by regular humans, their emergence is quite a popular tale within the supernatural community. When vampires were first created, date unknown like I have mentioned previously, there was an uproar. While some Night Walkers savoured the idea of immortal beauty and the increase of physical prowess, others still begged the Mother for mercy, to remove the alleged curse placed upon them, or at least, reduce their suffering. Hence, The Mother gave them a choice; if they would spend the rest of eternity carrying out her will, She would reduce their suffering. In exchange for their services, their bloodlust was reduced, making them crave only the blood of animals. Their physical appearance became more human-like and they developed Supernatural abilities, such as Telepathy, Telekinesis and much more.

The Night Children are tricksters by nature, especially the Psychic breed. While some use their abilities for The Mother’s wishes wholeheartedly, others find a way to bend the rules, or use them for their own selfish gain. You might have met some of them, and it may have led to disastrous results. Well, I am here for you. I will teach you how to fend off their attacks. I know you might be confused. Why would The Mother allow her gifts to be ill-treated and abused? Well, The Mother in all her glory and mercy, believes in everyone. We are all her children and she believes that we are all adaptable to change and that we will all make the right decisions. However, she will not leave the rest of her children vulnerable to the ill will of some Psychic Night Walkers.

You will need the following to perform your spell:

  • A clean, empty room to eliminate all distractions. If a soundproof room is available, even better.
  • Anise, Balsam de Peru and Frankincense Essential Oils.
  • Cinnamon scented candle.
  • Verbena Officinalis incense sticks. Also known as Vervain, Enchanter’s Plant and many more.
  • Small cup of water.

Steps to Repel Psychic Vampires

  • As mentioned in the Love Spell Post, make sure the room is locked and secure to prevent distractions.
  • Issue 5 drops of each essential oil around the room. They help with protection against evil minds and spirits.
  • Start to burn the Vervain incense. This is a key component to warding off psychic attacks.
  • Place the scented candle in the middle of the room.
  • Take deep small breaths. Let The Mother’s presence fill you with her warmth.
  • After a few minutes of deep breathing, begin to recite the following words:

Protect me dear Mother

For I am in need,

Fill me with wisdom,

So I may not be deceived.

The Night Walkers are fearsome,

but your children they are,

Protect me dear mother,

From the moon to the stars.

Oh sweet Mother,

We cry not in vain,

that we may not fall,

or bring you any shame.

Thank you dear Mother,

My prayers you have heard,

I may sleep softly

My fears you have cured.

  • Repeat the chant four more times.
  • When finished, whisper a quiet ‘’Neshka Va Tumula Mietro bat’’, which loosely translates to ‘’May my wish be fulfilled’’.
  • Blow out the candle. Dip the incense in water to stop the burning. Your Spell has been cast.

I hope this has been very educational for you my starlings. Till next time we meet, stay safe and stay blessed. May The Mother guide you through all your woes and troubles, and bring you peace and comfort. Again, I am Ruford the Enchanted and I wish you all a divined day.

‘’Sul Grista tuz priksïn Vot’’

The Goddess is with you

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