Spell to have Clairvoyant Dreams

Salutations my sweetlings! I am overjoyed that you have returned to my cornucopia of tranquility. For any new comers, I am known as Ruford the Enchanted. Due to the conclusion of my family’s magical lineage, I have decided to display my experiences and teach you all the knowledge that I have acquired throughout my life.

Today’s venture will be towards the realm of the spirits. I will be teaching you the spell that will allow your mind to open and allow you to have extrasensory dreams. Many wizards and witches, like myself, have performed this spell, not only to have amazing dreams, but to be able to connect to the spiritual realm and be closer to the elements. With this spell, you and your surroundings will become one. You will be able to comprehend and appreciate situations and issues most people cannot even begin to discern. You will feel a closer connection to The Mother than you have ever been. It is a breathtaking experience, but can also be quite overwhelming on the first encounter.

I know that some of my most intuned psychic sessions come after having a strong clairvoyant dream set the night before.

Disclaimer: I suggest atleast 45 minutes of pleasant meditation to prepare your mind for its journey. Focus on peace love and hapiness. These dreams can extremely vivid and overwhelming if your mind is not in a peaceful state.

You will need the following components:

  • A familiar space with comfortable sleeping arrangements.
  • Jasmine scented candle
  • 15MG of Melatonin (now easily found at grocery store as sleep aid) (this is a prehistorc element; like Paleozoic era) Powerful stuff, jsut recently synthesized and was discovered as an aid to this spell exclusivly by our Covan.
  • Peppermint, Mimosa, Yarrow, Frankincense, Dill and Narcissus Essential Oils.
  • Verbena Officinalis. Also known as Vervain, Enchanter’s Plant and many more.


  • Make sure the room is locked to prevent any distractions.
  • Consume the Melatonin
  • Issue two drops of each essential oil around the room, focusing near the pillow and duvet. These essential oils help watch over you while you sleep, stimulate your mind and also allow your abilities to come forth.
  • Place the Vervain under your pillow or beside the bed on a nightstand or table. It helps induce powerful, prophetic dreams and reduce stress.
  • Light the Jasmine scented candle and get into the bed.
  • Close your eyes and take deep slow breaths. Feel nature’s power all around you. Visualize all your stress retreating from your body, one bubble at a time.
  • Until you fall asleep, whisper the words,

‘’Riselis Va Mitrusi Linti Yora, Va Nestriko Col Pröto Fel’’.

Guide me towards my path, I shall not be led astray.

 For those who prefer washing before they retire, these steps can also be done in the bath as well.

Bathing Steps

  • Make sure the door is locked to prevent any distractions.
  • As the tub fills with water, issue two drops of the essential oils into the bath. Replace the Jasmine Candle with Jasmine Essential Oil to experience the complete calming effect.
  • Deposit the Vervain in a small bowl beside the tub, or on the floor.
  • Consume the Melatonin
  • Turn out the lights.
  • Get in the tub and submerge the whole body, leaving only your head above water.
  • Take in deep breaths and allow the water to gently caress your body. Visualize in your mind’s eye, the stress leaving your body. Do not fall asleep.
  • When you are ready, leave the tub, and carry the Vervain into the room with you. Deposit it under your pillow or on a nightstand.
  • Until you fall asleep, whisper the the chanting words.

Not many achieve the blessed visions on the first try, but the more attempts you make, the closer you are to connecting to the spirits and the Realm of the Angels.

I am hopeful that this exercise will bring you joy and contentment as you sleep tonight. I await for us to meet again. May The Mother guide you through all your woes and troubles, and bring you peace and comfort. Good bye for now.

‘’Sul Grista tuz priksïn Vot’’

The Goddess is with you

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