Spell to Awaken Your Psychic Abilities


Many people, often psychics themselves, will tell you that you can’t just “become” psychic and that psychic powers are something you either have or don’t have. However, this is not entirely true. In fact, everyone can become psychic, although it is true that for some it easier than for others. This may sound like a strange comparison, but it’s a bit like singing. Everyone can sing a song, but while some people may sound amazing, others will sound terrible. Penn State did a study(here) on the question if anyone could learn to sing. They found some of us have a natural talent for singing beautifully, some don’t have this talent, but can still learn to sing well with a lot of practice, and some will unfortunately never be really good at it, but can still improve with practice. It’s the same with being psychic; it’s easier when you have a talent for it, although this talent is much rarer than singing talent. People who have this psychic talent often figure this out sooner or later by themselves, but those who don’t have as much talent still have psychic powers anyway, although most of us never realize or notice this. Don’t worry though, because there is a way to “awaken” you psychic talent so to say.


There are forces in this world that control the course of events around us. Normally, we can’t perceive or experience these forces, but with psychic powers this becomes possible. It’s like an extra sense that allows a person to experience things that are there, but that you can’t see, hear, feel, etc. This is done by activating a part of our being that we do not have a word for, but that the ancient Egyptians called “Ka”. Involving the ancient Egyptians in this may sound silly, but it’s not meant to be pretentious or as a way to seem more credible or anything. It’s simply because the power of words and language (in spoken, and especially in written form) is very important in spells. Without a way of expressing certain things, or addressing certain concepts, a lot of power is lost. So, it’s important to have the right words.

What you needrecieving psychic powers

  1. Confidence (mentally) This is Key!!!!!
  2. White Candle
  3. Matches
  4. Dried Flax Plant (fresh will work)
  5. Pen And Paper (to write down the incantation)

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The How

Artificially activating your Ka is simple if you have confidence and love for yourself and others. Psychic powers is a gift to be used to better others lives, not to benefit your wallet.

  1. Go outside and find a spot of unpaved ground with clear sky above (not obscured by trees or any sort of roof or anything else).
  2. Put the candle in front of you and light it, make sure it keeps burning during the entire process.
  3. Take your time to get into a confident state of mind. You must be at peace with yourself and universe. Take as much time as you need, this can take hours some times. ( You will know you are in the right place when you have no concern with opening your eyes)
  4. Stand upright, facing the candle, and raise both your arms while holding flax in both your hands.
  5. Clearly state your full name out loud and then say: “To me belonged the universe before you gods had come into being. You have come afterwards, because I am Heka” (pronounced as “hay-kah”).
  6. Now burn the flax with the flame of the candle and say: “My name is <your full name>, I am Heka”. Cautiously breath the smoke of the burning flax (don’t choke!)
  7. Now bury any ashes or remains at the exact spot where you burned the flax. (It’s okay if you didn’t burn all of it, or if it didn’t burn very well, as long as you bury what’s left of it.)

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