Spell to Attract an Old Lover

Good evening my fellow companions. I am elated that you have stumbled upon this safe haven of love and light. Most of you who have arrived probably feel a longing for your past love or old flame, as some like to say. That is what I am here for: to reconnect lost souls and bring forth peace and relief into the minds and hearts of all those who seek my help.

I am known by my family and coven as Ruford the Enchanted. Magic has flowed through my family line, through my fathers for six generations. Excitingly, Mother Universe has whispered to me that, as all things must have an ending, our family’s magic dynasty has come to a close. I have been charged with shareing all that I have learned with you, my beautiful starlings.

As I mentioned before, today I shall teach you a spell to bring back an old love. It might be someone who left, or someone you felt you no longer needed nor desired. Throughout all my years and experience, meeting with many distinct souls, this is one spell that has been most requested for. Today, I shall reveal it.
Contrary to popular belief, there is no actual potion, rather an incantation. The only physical components needed are listed below;

Items Needed for the Love Spell

  •  A clean, empty room to eliminate all distractions. If a soundproof room is available, even better.
  •  A soothing source of music or sound. Chimes, singing bowls or finger cymbals are popular instruments used.
  • 10 – 18 Rose petals
  • Jasmine Scented Candle
  • 2 Cinnamon Sticks
  • 2 drops of Rose Oil
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  1.  Make sure the door to the room is closed completely. Lock the door and make sure the lights are off and the windows are closed. There shall be no distractions.
  2.  Move to the center of the room. This is where the spell shall be performed. Scatter the Rose petals around the centre to form a medium-sized circle. It shall act as a barrier from any evil forces, negative thoughts or emotions. This is a loose circle its ok if there are some breaks in it.
  3. Place the Cinnamon sticks at the East and West side of the circle.
  4. Set down the Jasmine Candle towards the North end of the circle.
  5. Settle the Instrument right in front of the candle and deposit the two drops of rose oil beside the East and West end of said Instrument.
  6.  Light the Candle and begin to play the Instrument or start the music.
  7. While the calming sound is being played, repeat the following words;

The Sun is Nigh,
The Moon in the Sky,
O Mother Nature, hear my lofty cry.
Guide the heart,
Lead it well,
So it may give ear to my desperate lullaby.
Bring it to me,
Their love, their lust,
Make them believe, O mother you must.
Listen to your aching child,
Give forth your mercy,
For this is the Soul I want,
I need so dearly.

  • Repeat this Spell six times, while playing the Instrument or repeating the music.
  • When finished, whisper a quiet ‘’Neshka Va Tumula Mietro bat’’, which loosely translates to ‘’May my wish be fulfilled’’.
  • Put out the Candle, stop the music and break the circle. Your spell has been cast.

The spell comes into being as soon as it is cast, and you should start seeing signs in the person in a few hours. Remember, this is a Love Spell, not one of infatuation. You want true love not a crazed interest.

I hope this spell brings you joy and happiness my starlings. May The Mother guide you through all your woes and troubles, and bring you peace and comfort.

‘’Sul Grista tuz priksïn Vot’’
The Goddess is with you

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