Strengthen Psychic Powers – How to Spell

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There are a few different ways you can strengthen psychic powers. I’ve tried them all and found that using spells is by far one of the most effective method. The following is my favourite spell, when I used it I found that I slowly felt stronger within days. Whenever I feel my powers start to wane I do this spell again to give myself a small boost. It is a simple spell and is suitable for all types of people, regardless of how strong their powers already are.

How To Strengthen Psychic Powers!

Go outside to a large grassy area. Your backyard will do, however a larger space such as a field would be better. Do not do this indoors, the walls will act as interference and weaken the psychic energy you’re bringing into yourself. You may do this during the day or night as long as the sky is clear. Check your local weather report to find a good clear day.  Wear all white, it is the colour of purity and will help open you up to accepting the psychic energy. The best article of clothing to wear is a dress or a shift, you want it to be loose and comfortable. Avoid restrictive clothing, it will only stifle you. You will need a single blue candle. It must be new to avoid it being tainted from any previous negative energy.

Now when you are trying to strengthen psychic powers try to use a royal blue candle, it is the colour of wisdom and will attract psychic strength when lit. Light it by using a single match, do not use a lighter. Wooden matches are more natural than plastic lighters and you want this to be as natural as possible. Kneel on the ground and hold the lit candle in both hands, at chest height. Close you eyes and focus on your breathing, keep it calm and steady. Clear you mind, picture White nothingness, not blackness. You are empty and ready to be filled with psychic energy that will strengthen your powers. Slowly imagine yourself getting stronger, a soft white glow entering you and filling you. It enters through your third eye and spreads down towards your toes. Feel it build as you get stronger. Let it flow over you until you start to feel tired. That is a sign that you’ve absorbed all you can and must stop. Slowly open your eyes and look at the candle flame. Focus on it for a few seconds while your body starts to re-adjust to this new strength it has just acquired. When you feel ready blow the candle out, ending the ritual.

Expectations- After effects

If you followed the instructions carefully then you should notice a change shortly after completing the ritual.

The amount of time depends on if you’re a beginner who requires a lot of help or if you are experienced but need a bit of help strengthening your powers. It could be a matter of hours or days. It will happen gradually so don’t worry if you don’t feel it at first. Wait a while and try to think of something else then re-assess your ability. The changes will be subtle at first; colours will be brighter, you’ll feel more confident and your intuition will be stronger. After time has passed your overall psychic powers will be stronger and you’ll find you’re able to do things better then you were before.

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