Step By Step Spell to Control Someones Mind

Spell to control someones mind: Casting

First thing I need to do is divulge the fact that this spell works best if you have some psychic abilities. If you wish to first attain psychic powers it would help you with the success of this spell. This love spell is best cast within 24 hours of your last contact with your intended target. The Earth recycles her energy after 24 hours of each specific experience. Which means, in order to utilize the energy created by you and your loved one’s interaction you must catch it before it dissipates. It works best if the night you do the spell there is a full moon present, try timing it if possible to increase the strength of the spell. use a Moon Phase Calendar to help. This spell is dependent neither on daytime or nighttime, as it flows from this energy base. My love spells are unique in that they depend solely on you, your future partner, and the energy created by the two of you coming together.

Spell Components

  • Homemade altar
  • Amber- 1 stone
  • Jet- 2 stones
  • Aventurine- 2 stones
  • Rose Quartz- 1 stone
  • Moonstone- 4 stones
  • Basil- 1 oz.
  • Thyme- 1 oz.
  • Hemp wick
  • 5 pink candles
  • Lighter or matches
  • The Best place to find these components is

    To begin, find a spot in your own home you feel the most comfortable in. To create your altar, you can use anything that has person meaning for you. Whether it be a tapestry from your grandmother hanging on your wall or a carved wooden altar you’ve perfected, your love spell will be as potent as your feelings toward your altar.

    Once your altar is set into place, you will sit on your floor, cross-legged. Take this moment to feel the world around you. A pell to control someones mind needs total focus. Even if you’re within your 24 hour time frame, if you don’t feel that the universe will honor your requests, save it for another day (or night). Every person has a psychic within them. Even if you haven’t tapped into yours, never stop trying. Your inner psychic is your connection to the rest of the universe. If you feel that your spell will work, it will work. If you feel something is off and everything isn’t completely perfect, listen to yourself. Craft a small offering to the universe about why you feel so much love for your intended target. Consider your love for yourself, the love you hope to have moving forward, and honesty about what you really yearn for. By centering yourself and the universe in this way, you’ve created an opening for your spell.

    Ideally, the candles you’ve chosen are pink. While there is no specific size you must utilize, you must feel soothed by them. The pink glow is meant to warm your energy and help you feel soft and comforted. Place two candles on each side of the altar (totaling four candles) creating a balance of light. Light the candles with organic hemp wick while thinking about your own wild, passionate desires.

    Place your Rose Quartz and Amber on top of (or at the foot of) your altar. Amber has Magical properties but the way in which they are utilized is very important. One of the most overlooked facets of Amber is that its’ magical properties are enhanced once placed near an altar. With the altar, Rose Quartz, and Amber positioned together, you can truly tap into your heart chakra.

    Back in your sitting position, place one moonstone north, south, east, and west of your chosen spot. Moonstones are known as Traveling Stones which enables your spell to seek out the loved one you so desire. With your moonstones placed into their positions you will set 1 stone of jet in your northeast and southwest points. Jet is used to absorb negative energy and increase the potency of your spell. Surrounded by Moonstone and Jet, your spell will carry far and wide without any energetic hang ups. This ritual is about cleaning away past negatively and forming the ability to accept new positivity.

    Sprinkle an equal mix of Thyme and Basil in a circle around your sitting position. The Thyme will attract your lover and the Basil will help keep them in love, committed, and fidelity. By mixing them together you create the most powerful combination of their two worlds.

    Set your fifth candle in front of your crossed legs. Light the candle with your hemp wick, again considering the passion you hold for your lover. Make sure the candle stays within the confines of your Thyme and Basil outline. Finally, hold one Aventurine stone in the palm of each hand. With the candle warming your face, your crystals and herbs mixing energy, and your body blending with the Aventurine you can cast your spell.

    While this spell is gradually cast throughout the entire process, this moment of meditation is vital to the overall spell. Aventurine works to heal your heart chakra while opening it up again for new love. Meditate on having love for that special person, having love for yourself, and your loved one returning your desires.

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