Psychic Vamipisim- How to Defend Yourself

A psychic vampire can easily find someone who is weak to prey upon. They feel a wave of energy while their victim feels tired, hopeless or empty. You may not consider yourself at risk but that is part of what makes you an easy target. It is important for you to learn how to protect yourself so you don’t become a victim. I have spent a lot of time learning how to spot these people and how to defend myself against them. I will teach you what techniques I’ve learned so pay close attention or suffer the consequences.


The first thing you need to do is practice on strengthening your psychic power, and knowing your self worth. A strong person who loves them self is hard person to attack. This is crucial for blocking a psychic vampire, you will understand why in a moment.

Be aware

Next find out who around you is draining your life force so they can feed off of it. A psychic vampire is someone close to you, that lulls you into a false sense of friendship or partnership. They learn all about you but rarely tell you anything about themselves. They do this so they can learn your weaknesses and fears, then use that against you. When they do tell you anything personal it is usually something sad so they can bring down your mood and make you dwell on something negative. Psychic vampires seem to be extremely negative people, this is how they position your spirit.  Then they’ll use this time to drain you and grow their strength.

Know the Signs

Over time you’ll start to feel a sense of dread whenever you run into this person. The easiest way to stop their negative force from feeding on you is to surround yourself with positive energy. MakeAmethest pretection necklace a mental image of a soft white light surrounding you and protecting you. Imagine a dark cloud trying to penetrate it and failing. Whenever you think you’re near a psychic vampire bring up this image and feel the light around you. If at all possible try to avoid this person or make an excuse and leave as soon as you can.

Take Action

If the psychic vampire is someone you can’t avoid, like a family member or co-worker, then there are a few things you can do to protect yourself.

  1. Wear an amethyst stone on a chain around your neck. The Ancient Egyptians used it as a protection stone against witchcraft and works on psychic vampires.
  2. Wrap your hand over it, covering it completely.
  3. Close your eyes and whisper the name of the person who is hurting you.
  4. When the person tries to drain you the amethyst will repel them. Another simple thing to do is to write down their name on a piece of paper and the words “Negativity”.
  5. Burn this piece of paper while closing your eyes and picturing their face in your mind. Focus on it. The fire will destroy any residual negativity you have surrounding you, breaking their hold.
  6. You can also set boundaries. When they try to bring you down, firmly say “No.” and look them directly in the eye. Eye contact is key. They hate confrontation and your strength will make them feel uncomfortable. Do it often enough and they’ll find someone else to use.

Be Free Love Thy Self

Follow my advice and protect yourself because no one else will. Be confident and go forward, knowing that they can’t make you a victim ever again.

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