Psychic Spell To Control Someone’s Dreams

Difficulty: Easy

What you need to control someone’s dreams


  1. 1 Dream Catcher
  2. A single strand of hair (from the person whose dreams you seek to control)
  3. Charcoal pencils
  4. Between one and five shreds of paper
  5. Phsyic abilities must be awoken for this to work properly

The How To

Weave the strand of hair into the Dream Catcher until you are certain it will not fall out by any means. Hang it in the same room you sleep in, as close to your bed as possible.

Take the shreds of paper (no more than five) and write the most important components of your target’s dreams/what or whom you would like to appear in them. Be as specific as possible while keeping it succinct. You want the shreds to fit into the weave of the Dream Catcher in the same way that the strand of hair did.

Example: Words like ‘romance’ and ‘love’ are good but vague. Make sure you include specifications as to what kind of love and romance between whom, etc.

Note: If you want yourself to appear in the dream as well, you must include your own hair into the weave as well as put your full name on one of the shreds.

Repeat this every night for a week. You can change the shreds as you see fit so that the target does not have the same exact dream every single time. Keep the most important parts in so that they begin to see a pattern (if you are attempting to get a message across to them, it should work by the end of the seventh night with the correct procedure).

Good Blessings to you on your venture!

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