Psychic Minds- Spell To Keep Cops Away

There are basically two main spells for keeping cops away from you; one that targets the cops and one that targets yourself. Targeting the cops is the more effective way of the two, but it is also much harder to do and more complicated and extensive to carry out. The problem is that every single cop you want to keep away must be involved in the process. So if you want one specific cop to stay away from you, then there is no problem; but if you want cops in general to avoid you, you would have to know every cop in the country. Therefore, I will focus on the other spell for now and explain how to perform a spell that affects yourself and that will keep cops away from you for as long as it is active. With this spell as well, if you are psychic or have psychic abilities it does help with the affectiveness I have noticed.


The idea of this spell is to make you radiate purity and innocence. Every person, with the exception of newly born babies, has at some point done something unjust at least once. This is reflected in a person’s spirit, which becomes “tainted” as a result of this. Other living creatures,including cops / police, can unconsciously sense this and will unknowingly approach you slightly differently, but since everyone’s spirit is at least somewhat tainted here is an article that takes about this. However most of us do not really notice this difference. This spell will make your spirit seem untainted and pure, even if in reality it is not. However, the effect will only last for a while, because every unjust action you take will slowly undo it. When you notice the effect is wearing off, you must perform the spell again.


It is important to be well prepared for this spell and to know exactly what you will have to do, because once you start, you will have to keep your eyes closed (or wear a blindfold) during the entire process. This is to signify blind justice and impartiality, without which the spell will not have the desired effect. You will need a feather (preferably an ostrich feather, but in reality any feather will do), a pen with ink in any other color than black and a clean spot of sandy soil. This is a difficult spell to perform alone because of the blind fold but it must be done this way.

Do not perform this spell at night!

Write your own full name on the palm of your left hand and stand on the sandy soil. From this point on, keep your eyes closed until you are finished. Place the palm of your left hand on your naked chest, over your heart. Hold the feather in your right hand with your arm stretched out in front of you. Now say: “I am <your full name>, I have not committed sin, I have wronged none, I have done no evil.”

Drop the feather and make sure it lands in the same sand as you are standing on. Once it has hit the ground, repeat seven times “I am pure” and then touch the ground with the palm of your left hand that had been resting on your chest. This will fool the cosmos into seeing your heart as being lighter than the feather, and any servant of “the law” will unconsciously stay away from you, because you now radiate innocence. Leave the feather where it is and do not open your eyes before turning away from the place where you performed the spell; whatever you do, never look at the feather after it has hit the ground.

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