A Strong Psychic Attack Protection Spell

Valkirie shielding Psychic Attack ProtectionEvening, my precious gems! I hope you are all well and filled with The Mother’s warmth and love. I am
Ruford the Enchanted, and today we shall be talking about Protection Spells.

Protection Spells, and in this case a Psychic Attack Protection Spell,  are one the most important elements of every Supernatural being’s day to day life. I myself never leave home without a form of protection from magical beings or shadows. There are vengeful wraiths and beings roaming the universe, and one can never be too safe.

In one of my last posts, I brushed up on how to protect yourself from Psychic Vampires. In this post, I shall teach you a basic, but strong protection spell to guard your body, mind and soul from most Supernatural beings. I place emphasis on the word ‘most’, due to the fact that there are some life forms, example being the Psychic Night Walkers, that need a very specific spell to cast them away or rid them from your presence.

Spell ” Psychic Attack Protection “

  •  A clean, empty room to eliminate all distractions. If a soundproof room is available, even better.

  • Cinnamon scented candle. (must actually use Cinnamon because you need the smoke)
  • Basil and Verbena Officinalis ( also known as Vervain ) incense sticks. One of each.
  • White Birch and Dill Essential Oils. (quality counts here)
  • Brown and Violet/Purple scarf.
  • Small source of water.


  •  Make sure the room is locked to prevent any distractions.
  • Light both incense sticks and wave them around the room, before depositing them at any two corners of the room.
  • Place two drops of the White Birch essential oil near the door and / or windows of the room. This is to prevent any evil Spirits or Deities from disrupting your ritual.
  • Apply drops of Dill essential oil to each of your pulse points, including your forehead and the bottom of your feet. This is to make sure your whole being is being shielded from cruel intentions.
  • Lay down the brown scarf on the floor. The colour brown signifies the Earth and Nature. It symbolizes grounding oneself to The Mother and revelling in earthly energy.
  • Deposit candle towards the north end of the scarf. Set alight.
  • Arrange Violet/Purple scarf on your head. The colour signifies power, spiritual protection and wisdom.
  • Take deep, calming breaths then repeat the following chant;

Sul Grista Va Drastë The Goddess preserves me Ra Yïsto Va Riselis
Her Spirits guide me Betru Nestriko Lus G’wat No evil shall conquer

  • Repeat chant six more times, your voice rising with each recital.
  • When finished, take a deep breath and whisper, ‘’Neshka Va Tumula Mietro bat’’, which loosely translates to ‘’May my wish be fulfilled’’.
  • Blow out the candle and fold the brown scarf.
  • Retrieve the incense sticks and submerge in the small source of water to terminate the fragrance. Your spell has been cast.

Psychic Attack Protection Spell : Conclusion

This ritual can be repeated daily if you so wish. It can be done during the early morning, evening or in the middle of the night. It is very important to maintain a calm and subdued state of mind when performing this ritual, as it requires the utmost care and concentration.

If your children or other close friends and family need this psychic attack protection spell, the White Birch oil can be deposited on the corners of their bed or crib, not excluding the doors to their room. For extra protection, small necklaces filled with vials of the oils and herbs listed above, offer a significant amount of security. However, these adornments should not serve as a replacement or substitution to the spell.

I hope that this post has been educational and shall serve a celestial purpose for you and your loved ones. Till next time, I am Rosewood the Enchanted and I wish you all a divined day.

‘’Sul Grista tuz priksïn Vot’’ The Goddess is with you

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