How to Stop a Psychic From Reading Your Mind

The more advanced way of blocking a psychic from reading your mind is to hide your mind entirely. This is a complicated process that requires a lot of experience and mental power. You must be able to control your thoughts and mental processes and to focus on the spell and subsequently on keeping your mind in a hidden state. Don’t be discouraged if you are unsuccessful in performing this spell; for most people, it takes years of mental practice to be able to do things at this level effectively. Just keep practicing your concentration and focusing skills and work on simpler spells until you consciously feel your mental power increasing.

It doesn’t matter when you perform this spell, but it is more effective and easier to perform the closer the lunar phase is to new moon. The spell consists of two separate stages with at least six hours (but not more than 24 hours!) between them. You will need the following items:

  • An iolite stone
  • A moonstone
  • A piece of amber
  • A red rose
  • Any part of an acacia plant (leaves/branch/flowers/etc.)
  • A small plate
  • Matches or a lighter and anything that will burn for at least a few minutes
  • Pen and paper

This is what you need to do:

  1. Hang the red rose above the place where you will be performing the spell.
  2. Write your full name on a piece of paper and below that, write the words “Heru-pa-khered”.
  3. Place the small plate in front of you with the iolite stone to the left of it and the moonstone to the right.
  4. Make a small fire on the plate and throw the piece of amber and the paper with your name on it into this fire.
  5. Concentrate on the fire and make sure it doesn’t go out while you recite the following incantation: “I am , residing upon the ramparts of the house of him of the hidden name. My flight has reached the horizon. I have passed by the gods of old and I have gone further than they have. I have removed my place beyond the powers of my forefathers’ foes. I have brought the ways of eternity to the twilight of the morning in my name of Red Cloak.”
  6. Stay focused until the fire goes out. Leave all the objects as they are and wait at least six hours until you continue.
  7. When the six hours have passed, take the iolite stone in your left hand and the moonstone in your right.
  8. Relight the fire and this time burn the acacia.
  9. Concentrate on the stones in your hands and say: “Those who have eyes shall be as those who have no eyes to me”.
  10. Again, stay focused until the fire goes out. Keep the moonstone in your right hand or in your right pocket. You must dedicate part of your mental energy to maintaining the spell for as long as you want it to remain active; and to uphold the spell’s power, the moonstone must remain close to you, but always at the right side of your body.
  11. Put the iolite stone away somewhere and remove the red rose. Do not destroy the rose, but make sure you leave it somewhere where no one will realize it has something to do with you.


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