How to Become a Medium Clairvoyant—Spell

Medium Difficulty

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way responsible for any temporary or permanent, blindness, or the changes in your future that might befall you. Cast at your own risk.

Please note that this is a spell, and therefore it is temporary. To actually become a clairvoyant, one must go through rigorous practice. This is not to be confused with becoming Psychic, if you are looking to be able to become psychic, please read the  Spell to awaken your psychic abilities.

The medium clairvoyant spell allows the user to see the future or determine the outcome of possible events with guidance from spirit. Due to the chaotic nature of the future, the visions you receive during the duration of this spell are often unclear and nauseating. This spell is not advisable if you happen to have motion sickness or epilepsy. Actually, if you have either of those conditions, you should really try and cure those first with a health prayer before performing this spell.

Now the stronger the spell, the clearer the image and the less likelihood of receiving a wrong vision, though the possibility is always there. Unlike the Beginning Clairvoyant spell, which requires minimal preparation and magical energy, this spell requires more forethought and a grasp of magical theory. Also, this spell is illegal in some covenants without proper permission, so cast wisely, please.

For this spell, you need:

  • A clear, crystal bowl, at least a hand span in size, filled with clear water
  • Moonlight from a full moon
  • Black Silk Handkerchief
  • White Silk Gloves
  • Skin shed from a rattle snake or a viper of some sort (my experience is with rattle snake)
  • Ashes of a significant event in time. (Example: house that burned down that made the news. Something that was significant to many)
  • An item pertaining to the future you wish to see (such as a hair lock of a loved one or drop of blood of an enemy)
  • All this stuff can be found on for pretty cheap

How To

  1. Make sure the Bowl is covered with the Handkerchief before exposing it to the moon.
  2. Place the bowl outside on a flat surface, preferably on a table for such purposes.
  3. After completely drying the snake skin, crush it and mix it in with the ashes. The skin must be completely devoid or moisture or it will ruin the effectiveness of the ashes.
  4. Incant: “By moonlight’s power, all shall see the light of the tower” twice, and then add the mixture to the bowl.
  5. Remove the Handkerchief: The water should begin to glow a slight pearl-white color. Do not touch the water—the oil from your skin will contaminate the mixture.
  6. Add the personal item you wish to dwell into. (make sure your hands are covered) This can be tricky, as the spell might lead you to strange futures. The item must be replaceable, but specific enough as to receive a proper vision.
  7. Incant: “By fruits all shall be known, by water, the future will be sown”
  8. The object should not dissolve into the liquid. If it does, the mixture is contaminated and is no longer useful.
  9. If it does not, place three fingers into the glass.
  10. You have 5-60 minutes to meditate on the event, depending on the strength of the potion. A word of caution: Do not lose focus.This spell will allow you to see into the future, but it is very difficult and the risks are high. Again, be careful in the usage of this spell and avoid using it frequently, as it can lead to irreversible consequences . (See disclaimer above)Happy Casting!

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