Easy Spell to Become a Clairvoyant

Easy Difficulty

First off, don’t let the title fool you. Foretelling the future is never simple. This Spell to become a clairboyant is hard and dangerous, rumor is that the inspiration for the Joker came from a man who had gone crazy trying to achieve the status of clairvoyant using spells. Either way, make sure you are confident in your abilities before attempting.

If you have any sort of mental condition like schizophrenia, it is strongly advised you stay away from these sorts of spells. It will not end well for you. It’d be like giving caffeine to a squirrel.

Just because it says “easy” on the title doesn’t mean it’s a walk in the park. Unlike the hard or  medium difficulty of clairvoyant spells, the easy version doesn’t require a specific item or extreme concentration, which allows it to be much more useful in general, but not very specific. Also, there’s less of a chance you’ll go insane, so that’s a plus.

Contrary to popular belief, clairvoyance is not a means of looking into the future. A clairvoyant has the ability to look into a future. Based on your state of mind, you can see multiple versions of the same events, many of which are untrue or could be easily changed by a future event. So before you buy that lottery ticket or foretell the end of the world, please reconsider.

Also,  spells to become clairvoyant is banned in some states by the local covenants, so check before casting. Or, if you really want to avoid the taxes and forms, do it in your backyard, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Spell to Become a Clairvoyant Ingredients:

  • A clear, crystal bowl
  • Moonlight
  • Water from a nearby stream (not tap)
  • Burlap
  • A drop of red wine
  • A piece of cloth

How To:

  1. Place the bowl outside on a flat surface, preferably on a table for such purposes, in full exposure to moonlight.
  2. Fill the bowl with the stream water, and then place your wine into the mixture. Allow to sit for 5 minutes or until the wine is completely dissolved and diluted.
  3. Incant twice: “The future, I do seek; bless this water, and grant me a peek.” The water should begin to lighten up and become more clear.
  4. Spread the Burlap  and place it into the solution gingerly. DO NOT let your fingers touch the solution, as the oil from your fingers will ruin the effectiveness of the potion.
  5. Wait for the burlap to begin dissolving thoroughly
  6. Incant: “By moon’s light, grant me thy sight”
  7. Take the cloth and use it to dab your eyes with the solution

You will experience multiple visions of varying clarity, depending on the strength and purity of the ingredients. As you grow stronger, you will be able to focus on more specific events and gain more clarity of your visions. If you so desire, see “How to Became a Clarvoyant—Spell: Medium Difficulty” for more advanced spells.

This spell will allow you to see into the future, but it is  difficult and the risks are high. Again, be careful in the usage of this spell and avoid using it frequently. (See disclaimer below)

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way responsible for any deaths, bouts of insanity, temporary or permanent, blindness, or any sort of ailment/curse that might befall you due to the use this or any of my spells. Cast at your own risk.

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