Casino Luck Spells: How to Attract Gambling Wins

Easy Diffculty

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What you need

  1. A single piece of Pyrite gemstone.
  2. Matches/Lighter
  3. Incense French Lavender or White Sage is recommended
  4. Crystal Cup
  5. Black Tea (one bag)
  6. Fire (wood stove, or fireplace will work)

How To


Place the Pyrite in the crystal cup and fill with boiling water until cup is half full. Then place the tea bag of the Black Tea into the water and allow it to sit for five minutes. It is imperative that it is at least five minutes for this spell to work as the tea needs to fuse into the water before the incense is placed in. Two sticks of incense must be used in this spell and should be arranged in an ‘X’ formation.
Again, you should let this sit for five full minutes. Allow the water to cool and the tea to fuse everything within the cup. When those five minutes are up, carefully light the tips of the incense and allow them to burn for as long as possible. The longer the burn, the more luck you will have. While they burn, breathe deeply and take in as much of their scent as possible. Picture in your mind the games you will be playing and hope to win at. Whether it be the slot machines, blackjack tables, or craps, this spell will work and increase your odds of winning. Do the same after you blow out the flames on the incense, but this time speak the name of the most important game three times, out loud. Say them slowly and clearly, let the word rest heavy on your tongue, feel them with your entire soul and allow each syllable to resonate within you.
You must truly believe in the magic of this spell and your ability to win in order for this spell to work. Even the slightest bit of doubt in yourself could irreparably damage your odds. You don’t want to have doubts, right? No. Believe in yourself and your luck will reflect that confidence.
Leave the cup and everything in it intact for the night. Keep it in a safe place where there is no chance it will fall and break, because that will undo everything and will possibly give you even worse luck at whatever game you decide to play. Before you leave for your game or day at the casino, wash the cup thoroughly with soap and hot water, burn the used tea bag (easiest done in a fireplace or wood burning stover, since it will be damp. Next wrap the Pyrite in a paper towel. Place it in your pocket or bag and keep it with you while you are gambling.
You are almost guaranteed to win. But, on the off chance that you don’t come away with big profit, you may try the spell again. Allowing the incense to burn a bit longer will increase your odds, as will saying the name of your game several times as loud as you can without yelling. Perhaps even try different incense scents.

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