A Spell for Success in Your Career

spell for work successAs a child, my mother began to teach me a yearly ritual that was passed down from generation to generation. Her Irish grandmother passed it to her with a confidence that she would keep the tradition going. She believed strongly in this spell as she always knew the results were proof of the ritual.

Now it’s my turn to teach the ritual of this Irish blessing of work and job to my daughter and to you. This is an annual tribute to self or family work success using the fruits of the great protector, the Oak.

Ancient druids believed that the oak was protector of the land, so they planted sacred groves of oak trees. Often, marriage ceremonies were conducted under lone oak trees which marked the boundaries of the clan.

Druid oaks are found all over the British Isles and are named for the Druids who met under the vast leaf canopies. The existing Druid oaks, found today, are hundreds of years old and hold many secrets of the old ways. The word Druid translates as “knower of oak trees”.

According to Native American custom, the acorn was a symbol of fertility resembling an egg, from which all life started. The mighty oak was sacred to the Earth Mother and regarded with high honor.

The symbolism of the oak tree is strength, determination, an aim for purpose and being true to one’s self and others. The acorn symbolizes the fulfillment of tasks and an endeavored spirit.

To begin the ritual, the following items should be used:

  • A green candle
  • A green piece of paper
  • Two acorns
  • A silver coin

The Practice

On Thursday morning of the waxing moon, gather your items in the heart of the home. Light the green candle, closing your eyes, imagine yourself being wrapped in the warmth and protection of the light. Use the green paper to write your name and your work goals. Extinguish the candle, but keep it out as you’ll be using it again later in the day. Fold your green paper, take up the other items, the acorns and the silver coin and keep them close to you all day. At the end of the day after work, you will again, light the candle and pass the acorns and the coin quickly through the flame of the candle. When finished, place the acorns and the coin inside the green paper, wrapping them securely. If you wish, you can plant them in your garden or another favorite place. Be sure to perform this practice yearly for success in your job or work.

For years, I have been carrying out this practice and have seen so many of my goals come to fruition. I found it helpful to make a copy of my yearly goals and keep them close to me. I look at them often and concentrate on them. A daily tradition of reading them will help to keep you focused on the goals and to recognize when they are reached.

This was not taught to me by my mother, but rather something I did on my own. I also keep a diary with the goals and write notes of successes in it. Only positive energy goes into the diary so the blessings are easy to see.


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As a child, the constellation Ursa Minor appeared prominently on my arm strewn in my many fair skin freckles, and my mother knew that the magic of my Irish lineage had been passed to me. The psychic abilities were passed down from authentic gypsies and magical practices passed down from my Egyptian ancestors.

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