A Spell For Good Fortune

Who doesn’t need a good luck spell every now and again? My mother always told me that luck is what you make it. When you think about the goodness and the good energies that surrounds you, it will come to you. Part of the process in good luck is creating it and making it a part of your life.

There are plenty of spells to make good luck, but by using a procession or practice of enchantment, you are inviting positivity to enter your being. Push out any negative thoughts by meditating on only what you want to happen.

Green witches, otherwise known as kitchen witches use common, household items to create magic. True white witches do not exist, as we are all made of elements from the earth that make us imperfect. We much resist the urge to act on human basic urges such as anger and spite to get even with others because it destructs the free, pure energy which flows through us.

If you believe in Karma, a cultural belief that says whatever you inflict on nature and other beings will come back to you now or in the future (much sooner than you realize) in a much more harmful way, you have to learn to suppress certain feelings that cause you to act out. By doing so, you will become more amiable and open yourself up to good luck.

To keep yourself in tune with your magic, use the elements of your surroundings to host parties, big or small and keep a practice of doing good things for others. An altar made of simple things should be at your disposal. Open your home and your kitchen to those who need respite in their daily lives and use your kitchen magic for good.

Here is a spell that was taught to me by my mother and passed down through generations, to keep the family in favor with the goddess of good fortune. It is wise to use this spell any time the moon is waxing or full.

Items needed:

– Frankincense
– 3 candles – orange or gold
– Pen and paper

The Practice:

In your kitchen, create your circle and light the incense. Place the candles in a triangle, but don’t light them at this time.

“God and Goddess, Spirits and Guides, thank your for the many blessings bestowed upon me. I now ask you for [insert the blessings you would like to receive]. Please help me to fulfill these wishes. Please bring them at the right time in my life. So must it be.”

Close your eyes see your life, as it will be, when fulfilled by your spell. Imagine what your life will be when you have received your blessings. Feel your heart swelling just as you would when you see the fruit of your blessings bestowed upon you. Reach far inside yourself and think of the affectations of these blessings.

As you are musing and meditating on your successes, you will visualize a symbol. As soon as it appears, draw the symbol on your piece of paper and place it between inside the triangle of candles.

Now you will light each candle, saying, “Fire, ignite my dream for the highest good of the Universe.”

Once the candles are lighted, visualize, once again, that your good fortune is on it’s way to you. Be grateful in your life and all that the God and Goddess have already given.

Fold your paper carefully and bury it in your favorite part of the garden or a favored plant. As you do this, recite, “Earth, seal my fortune for the highest good of the Universe.”

It’s incredibly helpful to keep a journal of light to document your journey. Keep a note of the date as well as your feelings of light and write down all positive thoughts. When you do this, you are surrounding yourself with the things you want to accomplish and keeping them in the foreground of your mind.

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As a child, the constellation Ursa Minor appeared prominently on my arm strewn in my many fair skin freckles, and my mother knew that the magic of my Irish lineage had been passed to me. The psychic abilities were passed down from authentic gypsies and magical practices passed down from my Egyptian ancestors.

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