Psychic Vampire Symptoms – Am I a Psychic Vampire?

This article is about knowing if you are a Psychic Vampire and what to do about it, if you are looking for symptoms of being attacked by a psychic Vampire and how to defend yourself check out this article linked here.

Recently, concerns over  “psychic vampire” have started to circulate through the internet and local news station, creating panic and rumors throughout the states. Due to the increasing amount of speculation and lack of concrete research or evidence, I have decided to try and inform the public of this condition.

Psychic vampirism is the condition of literally feeding off of “auras”, which are other people’s emotions or natural object such as trees or streams. It can drain a person of emotions and energy, and can lead to sometimes irreparable damage to others and oneself. The condition can be controlled through intensive intervention sessions, but many do not the strength or are even completely oblivious to their condition. However, knowing what psychic vampirism is can help you avoid situations where you might hurt someone and possibly even learn how to control it for your own use.


If you believe that you could be a psychic vampirism, here are some symptoms:

  • You feel tired frequently, except when around others
  • Others feel tired around you, but not with others
  • You enjoy nature
  • You eat very little without losing weight or becoming sick
  • You suffer from mild monophobia

What to do about it


Using psychic vampirism knowingly to drain the energy of others is considered a federal crime, and even innocent draining can lead to prejudice and general contempt from others. However, there are ways to control and overcome it should you discover that you are a psychic vampire:

  • Talk with a doctor. While still a relatively a new field, there are some medicines that can assist in dampening one’s need to feed. However, for some, draining is a way of sustenance and can lead to depression, anxiety, or other psychological issues.
  • Another source of energy can come from natural energy such as nature sights. Attune yourself with a few natural spots you can go to for recharging.
  • Recently, studies have shown that burned down site has an abundance of stray energy. The energy of the fire mixed with the lingering energy of the previous occupants creates a very potent mixture that can be beneficial to psychic vampires. However, make sure the wreckage is safe to approach. Naked fires such as campfires can also act as a substitute.


The life of a psychic vampire can be a difficult one, but with the proper intervention and precautions, one can live a normal life amongst other humans. You have a choice, take the high road or take the dark one. You must choose

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