Let me Show You Tips on How to become a Psychic

Good afternoon, my beautiful creatures. I hope you are well. I am Ruford the Enchanted, and today we shall be contemplating the methods of becoming a vital part of the Community;how to becoming a Psychic Medium.
This path is not an easy one. I should know, because I have been on it for many years. It is a taxing way of life that can push you to the very brink of insanity. Having said that, it has given me the most purpose and joy. If you believe that you are ready for this amazing, yet frustrating journey, then by all means, come with me, as I lead you down the avenue of how to become a psychic medium.
In another post, I spoke about how to increase your Psychic Intuition. While it may seem similar, these tips aides in discovering that Intuition.

Ruford’s Tips on How to becoming a psychic:

Acquire knowledge in the different groups of the Psychic Medium.

  • Clairvoyance :​Seeing spirits, auras objects or places that are not visible to the physical eye. This can also include Precognition ( seeing future events ) and Retrocognition ( seeing past events ).
  • Clairaudience :​Ability to hear messages from spirits from different dimensions and or different destinations. This communication can happen physically or Psychically.
  • Clairsentience :​Acquiring Knowledge by feeling or touching. Can hone in on energy from different realms.
  • Clairalience :​Acquire Psychic knowledge through smell.
  • Clairgustance:​Obtain spiritual knowledge through taste, without anything physically placed in the mouth.

Tips on how to become a psychic medium.

  • Meditation and Prayer is key.​It is The Mother and The Spirits that open our inner eyes and heart to our surroundings. The Mother is the one that gives us our gifts while The Spirits guide us to use them for the better. Near constant with The Mother shows our sincerity and our worthiness to receiving these gifts. Calm, soothing sounds help connect with Her, such as chants and instruments.
  • Let go of the Past and former mistakes.​In order to fully connect with nature and all it’s wonders, you need to have a clear mind, heart and conscience. Forgive yourself and others who might have hurt you or who you might have hurt. Learn to focus on the Present and address the Now. It is very important to start this journey with a clean slate and with a fresh mind.
  • Reduce the amount of energy you spend Worrying.​Like focusing on the Past, this is one of the biggest blocks in unlocking Psychic powers. With so much fear about the past and future, it is easy to miss what The Mother and The Spirits are trying to show us. How can you see what they are trying to tell you, when you are distracted by your walls of worries and fears?
  • A positive mind does wonders for the Spiritual Journey.​ Not only do you have to want to unlock your gifts, but you have to have faith that the gifts are actually there, waiting to be released. Constant negativity only hinders progress and distances the Soul from The Mother’s interference. As The Buddha said, All we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become.
  • Find a Mentor.​This expedition is made much easier when you have someone to teach you how to become a Psychic who has gone down the same road. Learn from them, and let them chaperone you into this new phase of your life.Learn from his or her experiences.
  • Do your research.​Read more articles ( besides myself) and books written by people who are seasoned Mediums. Watch documentaries about their lives and if you can reach out to them to better understand just what the life of a Psychic entails. Still, beware of fake Mediums and con artists.
    I anticipate that soon, The Mother and The Spirits shall visit you and open your inner soul to the wonders of our universe. Remember to take it slow, be calm and remove fear, negativity and worry from your mind and I guarantee success as you follow this path into fulfillment.U​ntil next time, ​I am Ruford the Enchanted and I wish you all a divined day.
‘’Sul Grista tuz priksïn Vot’’
The Goddess is with you

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  1. Sefa says:

    I seem to have the ability to know about past entevs that I have never lived. For example, I was writing a story that took place in the 1960s (I was born in 1974). In the story, I mentioned an underground garage band I had heard of and wrote in the story that they played on a specific date in 1967, in a specific town. Then, when I researched the info (and I had no prior info about this band other than their name and some of their music), I found out that they played a concert on that date and in that town, exactly!!! This has happened several times to me, and it’s beyond being coincidences. Is there a name for this or does it fall under the category psychic ? I’m curious. Thanks in advance for all answers!

    • Sefa, yes this is a very rare gift. This gift is called “Psychometry” and is commonly a result of being around someone or something that has lived that past and is radiating those memories to you. Great question.
      You are in a unique scenario, and I would suggest that you practice this skill by doing the following; Get a prevalent item from someone, something that was par of a strong, significant, past event. Now scribe as much as you can about what that piece is telling you; However do this in bullet points. Try and feel each memory.. and try and remember how you feel when you recall that memory. Now review the bullet points with the individual who knows the event. Have them look at your bullet points and tell you which were correct and which were not. Now try and remember how you felt when you had those that were correct. This is how you increase your gift. Like I said in this post on how to increase your psychic abilities. It is Hard work.. Period

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