How to increase your Psychic Intuition Part 2

psychic intuition Greetings my gifted followers! The Goddess smiles on us all today!  I am back to continue where I left off in my preceding post: Increasing Psychic intuition.

While I covered many tips to help enhance your transmission to the Spirit World, there are still a few tips I left out. Tonight, I shall give my counsel any additional ways to amplify Psychic instincts.

Rosewood’s Tips:

  • Invest in the colour Purple: Purple is a popular colour within the Supernatural community and even the mainstream science and psychology is catching onto this. It symbolises power, wisdom, spiritual leadership and helps to intensify other energies. It is recommended that surrounding oneself with this colour assists in boosting Psychic ability. Purple candles are used in spells to give an extra jolt in power and are commonly lit for an improvement in Psychic intuition.
  • Seek the help of Gemstones and Crystals. Crystals like Amethyst and Moonstone are renowned for their ability to heighten abilities and communicate with The Spirits. The Moonstone is also known to bring balance to the wearer while the Amethyst vibrates to the frequency of the Third Eye and Crown Chakra and is also known to be a catalyst to opening the Heart Chakra.
  • Play Guessing games. These help exercise and work the Psychic muscles. It is not about getting the right answer, but about learning to trust your instinct and to practise listening and paying attention to your surroundings.
  • Resolve conflict in your personal life. It is not advisable to go through this journey with a clouded mind and a heavy heart. In order to receive celestial messages, you need to clear the air around those who are close to you, so as not to have any unsanitary auras contaminate your energy. It is only when you have a clean slate and an unwavering heart that you can fully focus on what The Spirits are trying to convey to you.
  • Do not be afraid of your gifts. Fear only holds us back from our true potential. To many, the idea of receiving celestial messages seems quite daunting. Still, these gifts were given to you for a reason. The Mother has faith in you and she does not make mistakes. Trust that you are special for a reason and your journey will not seem so frightening.
  • Listen. Take some time to just stop and listen to your surroundings. The sound of chirping birds, the wind rustling through the trees, the angry horns of traffic or even the angry swears of civilians. We can never predict how the spirits wish to relay information towards us, or which person’s life they want us to change for the better. The more intently you listen and pay attention to your environment, the easier it will be to understand The Mother’s messages when she sends them.
  • Don’t force it. You cannot force visions or messages. The more time you spend on pressurizing a message, or attempting to compel a vision, the more chances you lose to actually receive a
    vision or message when it actually comes. The Mother sends messages in her own time. All you need to do is be calm and attentive. Your time will come.
  • Be active. Sometimes, rather than relaxing, exercising or just moving about gives us more
    insight than just sitting around, waiting for a vision to plop right into our laps. Go for a jog or a brisk walk, get coffee with your friends or even something as small as skipping rope will put you in a whole new state of mind.

Keep it in mind that The Mother knows what she is doing. Her plans for you are far greater than you can ever imagine. So if your progress is slower than you expected, do not get flustered or panic. Just smile and continue to think positively. She will come to you in her own time. Till we meet again, I am Rosewood the Enchanted and I wish you all a divined day.

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