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rufordI am a 6th generation psychic and wizard. My powers were passed to me from my father, which is actually pretty rare. My lineage has been half Irish or Scottish and half Egyptian for 6 generations. My wife is full blooded Egyptian, and my mother was full blooded Scottish. My Grandmothers were full blooded Egyptian and Irish, and my father’s father carried the same blood as his father before him for 4 generations (as far as we can track). My grandfather said he was indeed instructed by his father to marry an Egyptian women, My father said he was instructed by the universe as I was.

My inheritance of power includes 100s of years of family spell books and divination tools filled with power. I utilize this website to explain the many things that have been passed down to me through the lineage because my spouse and I have decided to not have children.  I feel I have been charged to open this dynasty of power up to the children of the universe (you). My family will no longer horde these abilities. I charge the universe to bear the responsibly  of deciding who gets to receive this information.

Please utilize this information and make the best of life, as this is all this is for. I do not promote dark magic, so if that is what you are looking for, don’t, what you bestow will also be bestowed upon you.

If you have a special request, please feel free to send me an email by filling out the form below. I am not asking for donations, but if you want to donate to this website please feel free. I also have some links on the site that if you buy through them then I get a piece as a commission. Do not fill obligated to use them, but if you do know they will be used for a good cause.

I plead those of you who do know me from my appearances on national television to Not give out my government name, as I do not want my place in media to be a reason for people to follow this website. This website is to be only shared with your closest of friends who deserve and can handle the power in the pages. IT IS A RESPONSIBILITY!!

Love Others, Love Thyself – Key to life.

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